Collection: Custom Hardwood Urns

My collection of available, but not limited to, custom Urns. You can order from what you see or this can be a starting point in designing your special box. Finding the right resting place for your loved one doesn't have to be a challenge. The process should  simple.

1. Identify the type of wood that catches your eye. Currently I have 3 types available online but can create something out of any wood you want that's available. 

2. Determine the size you need:

1 cubic inch per pre cremation weight.  Example: a 150 pound person would need an Urn of at least 150 cubic inches.

3. Are you wanting just the Urn or do you want to add a keepsake compartment as well.

4. What you want engraved on your Urn and do you want that on the top, face, or both.

Confirmation is always made before building so you know it will be right. You can always contact me for any questions you have or what you need in design.