Wood Urns and memorials that honor the memories of those lost.

Here to help

Fact: A Cremation and Urn funeral is a more affordable option to honor your loss as it is half the cost of the traditional casket, and burial funeral.

Fact: Urns are more affordable than caskets and can be easily purchased ahead of time to reduce financial stress on the family.

Fact: Here every memorial is handcrafted with careful attention to every detail and workmanship, gaurenteed.

Fact: As a custom shop your memorial can be as detailed, or as simple as you want it.

Cremation Urns and memorials aren't the easiest things to shop for, but during this difficult time, I'm here to try and make this part of the journey as easy as possible for you and your family.

Memorial Plaques are a great option for everyone to have something physical to share in the memory and honor of the loss of your loved one.

Companion Urns

Celebrate Love Eternal with Our Exquisite Companion Urns for Two!

Sharing life together, eternally resting together.

Companion Urns

Take some of the burden off your family.

Pre planning your funeral is a normal practice. As costs continue to rise, and funerals becoming quite expensive, cremation is becoming a much more affordable Choice.

By purchasing your Urn ahead of time, you are

1. helping to take some of that burden off your family during a difficult time.

2. Able to have the Urn for the funeral instead of a substitution.

3. Less expensive than an Urn from the funeral home.

People pre purchase their casket, your Urn should be no different. Taking care of the costs now so your family doesn't have to in the future.


** Urns and Keepsake boxes Ship world wide **